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Group of Girls Who will direct Be WISE Camp?

The teaching staff is comprised of returning certified teachers. They come from all over Ohio, with backgrounds in teaching elementary to high school.

All campers and their counselors stay in the same dorm along with 10 adults including a registered nurse.

For more information, contact:

Camp Director:
Mrs. JoAnn Benseler

Ms. Jessica Fetrow

Famous Women in Math & Science

Amelia Earhart

Earned her pilot's license in 1922, and in 1932, became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic and the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross. In 1937, during an attempt to fly around the world, her plane vanished near Howland Island in the central Pacific Ocean.

(Circa 370 A.D.)

Greek scholar and the first woman to influence the study of mathematics. She trained as her father's pupil in the city of Alexandria. She wrote treatises on mathematics and astronomy. Having many enemies who were jealous of her great influence in the city, she met a tragic death when murdered by an angry mob.

Myra Adele Logan

She was the first woman surgeon to operate on the heart, and the first black woman to be elected a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. She was an outstanding physician, surgeon, and researcher who served the wider New York City area for more than 35 years.

Gladys Anderson Emerson

As a biochemist, she conducted experiments to learn more about nutrition. In 1933 she was one of the first scientists to study vitamin E. In 1952, she received the Garvan Gold Medal for distinguished work in chemistry. From 1957 until her retirement in 1970, she was professor of nutrition at the University of California.
Specific Objectives for All Campers
  • camp objTo develop critical thinking skills.
  • To motivate girls to continue math/science education in high school and college.
  • To reduce math/science anxiety.
  • To build self-esteem.
  • To provide positive career role models.
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Camper Expectation List
Campers are expected to:
  1. Arrive on time for classes, meals, and evening all-camp activities.
  2. Participate in class and all-camp activities.
  3. Wear name badge on shirt for every camp activity.
  4. Attend all "family" meetings.
  5. Treat Denison University facilities with careless or willful mistreatment of equipment and/or classrooms and dorm rooms.
  6. Remain with "family" group and on campus at ALL times unless instructed otherwise; permission to leave an activity/class and/or "family" group must be received from the counselor or other administrative or teaching staff.
  7. Always walk on campus with another camper or staff member...never walk alone anywhere.
  8. Sleep in assigned dorm rooms.
  9. Not use the phones after "lights out".
  10. Refrain from possession and/or use of any form of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products. All prescription drugs must be logged in with the Camp Nurse during Registration.
  11. Have fun, meet new friends, and successfully experience new challenges.

Failure to abide by the above rules is grounds for expulsion from camp. Parents will be notified to arrange for camper transportation home. No refund will be given.


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Our Counselors
counselorsHigh school, college, and post college girls with previous Be WISE camp experience are hired as counselors.
  • There are two counselors assigned to a "family" group, and are with the group for the entire week (2 counselors per 12 to 16 girls)
  • Counselors escort campers to all classes and activities.
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Campers are expected to provide their own medical insurance. Denison University does not assume direct responsiblility for the health care of those who are using the facilities of the university for summer programs. A registered camp nurse is on call 24 hours a day. In the event of injury or illness, campers will be transported to either Licking Memorial Hospital in Newark, Ohio, or Granville Medical Center in Granville, Ohio.

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